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Gift Boxes

Try a sample of our delicious treats in small, medium or  large bakery gift boxes.  Great to serve at your holiday parties or give to family, friends or collegues.  Each one is decorated with colourful ribbons as shown below and the medium or large have a large festive shortbread cookie attached for decoration. Choose your size, pricepoint and favourite treats to have your boxes custom created for you.  Prices range from $20-$90 each.


Small Bakey Box  $20

  • contains 18 cookies of your choice or

  • 10 squares of your choice

Medium Bakery Box $45-$60

  • Choice of cookies, bars and / or buttertars

Large Bakery Boxes $80-90

  • Choice of cookies, bars , buttertarts and fudge

  • Box is decorated with a large festive shortread cookie

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