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- The Best Way To Decorate a Dessert Table -

Regular size cupcakes $2.50 each (minimum order of 6 per flavour)
Additional .50 per cupcake for decorative toppings, large flower cupcakes and ganache icing and .25 per cupcake for Gluten free.  Please contact us to discuss custom design ideas.

Small cupcakes $1.00 each (minimum order of 12)

Medium cupcakes $1.50 each (minimum order of 12)

Please contact us to discuss  custom designs ideas.

Choose from the variety of cake and icing flavours below.


Cake Flavours:  Chocolate  -  Vanilla  -  Coconut  -  Lemon  - Red velvet  -  Carrot cake  - Poppyseed 


Buttercream Icing:    Chocolate  -  Lemon   -  Coconut  -  Strawberry  -  Raspberry  -  Mocha   -  Maple   -  Cream Cheese

Ganache:  Whipped White Chocolate   -  Whipped Dark Chocolate 

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