- The Best Way To Decorate a Dessert Table -

Minimum order of 6 per flavour - $2.50 each for 6 or $2 each for 12 or more. Additional .50 per cupcake for decorative toppings, large flower cupcakes and ganache icing.  Small cupcakes $1.50 each.  Please contact us to discuss  custom designs ideas.

Choose from the variety of cake and icing flavours below.


Cake Flavours:  Chocolate  -  Vanilla  -  Coconut  -  Lemon  - Red velvet  -  Carrot cake  - Poppyseed 


Buttercream Icing:    Chocolate  -  Lemon   -  Coconut  -  Strawberry  -  Raspberry  -  Mocha   -  Maple   -  Cream Cheese

Ganache:  Whipped White Chocolate   -  Whipped Dark Chocolate 

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